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So you feel we give various 9/11 researchers a hard time? Then maybe it's time to think again. People refer to the "9/11 Truth Movement" as though it was one unified group, but in reality there are several different factions, and no-one attacks them as much as they attack each other (and on more than just 9/11 issues, too):

Incidentally, we’re providing these links because it can be interesting to see what various 9/11 researchers think of each other. We have no idea whether any of the claims made in these articles are true, though, and don’t endorse them in any way.

Ginny Howard on Jones, Fetzer, and the Scholars for 911 Truth

Victor Thorn on Mike Ruppert

Eric Hufschmid on "The 9-11 bowel movement"

Mike Ruppert on Alex Jones

A Conspiracy Central post on Rick Siegel/ 911Eyewitness

Eric Salter on the Ruppert vs Hopsicker & Thorn "feuds"

Victor Thorn and Lisa Giuliani on Alex Jones

Gerard Holmgren on Jim Hoffman, Mark Rabinowitz, Karl Schwarz and more

A GlobalFreePress article on Mike Ruppert:

Eric Hufschmid on Tom Flocco, Karl Schwarz, "Loose Change", and how "99% of the 9-11 truth seekers are worthless"

Alex Jones on Mike Ruppert

WBF Legal Reform articles on Dave von Kleist and Joyce Riley

Mike Ruppert on Victor Thorn and Daniel Hopsicker

"The Creepy Sides of the 9/11 Truth Movement"

Joe Quinn on Mike Ruppert and Daniel Hopsicker

Daryl Bradford Smith - "Some people get upset when we tell them that Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, 911truth.org, Webster Tarpley, Gerard Holmgren, Phil Berg, Wayne Madsen, Kirt Nimmo, and dozens of other people appear to be part of the criminal network"

And Fintan Dunne on on 911 sites that are (knowingly or not) "promoting the psyop agendas and disinformation themes of the covert controllers"

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