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Most of this site concentrates on relatively fine details, and that can make it more difficult to see "the big picture". And so from time to time we'll bring together the information here to produce much longer articles and opinion pieces. Hope you find them useful.

  • David Ray Griffin's "The 911 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions" claims to show that the Commission has "succeeded in obscuring, rather than revealing the truth". But is this book also slanted, with omissions and distortions of its own? Here are some of our initial thoughts (more to come).
  • US structural engineers don’t appear to be offering much support to WTC controlled demolition theories. It could be argued that they’re afraid to speak out, so maybe we need to look elsewhere. What sort of explanations of the WTC collapse are engineers offering from outside the US?
  • What makes a conspiracy theory? Some people seem to think a list of questions, possible coincidences or “anomalies” is enough, but we’re not so sure. Because with a little work you can find questions to raise about almost anything, like here, where we try to prove that the Irish were involved in 9/11
  • We keep coming across quotes that have been stretched, edited, occasionally rewritten to make them conform to a particular conspiracy theory. There are several of these dotted throughout the site, and now any others will be added here. (But don’t expect too much just yet, we’re starting with only two).
  • (amongst other sites) tell us that Osama bin Laden was actually a CIA Asset code-named "Tim Osman", based on an account of a 1986 meeting where he supposedly visited the US. What lies behind this claim? We take a closer look.
  • Something non-conspiratorial that you might find useful anyway: how to download videos from the web, including streaming video, Google and YouTube.
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