Mom, this is Mark Bingham
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The story...

Mark Bingham would not have called his mother from Flight 93 and introduced himself with “Mom, this is Mark Bingham”. As Professor Fetzer says:

...Mark Bingham, a passenger on Flight 93, is supposed to have called his mother and said, 'Hi, Mom, this is Mark Bingham!' His mother confirmed it was his voice, but does anyone seriously believe that Mark Bingham would have used his last name in identifying himself to his mother?
Professor James H. Fetzer

David Ray Griffin concurs:

In addition to the question of the feasibility of cellphone calls from UA 93, the content of some of the messages makes their authenticity seem highly improbable. In the most notorious case, a man claiming to be Mark Bingham called Bingham’s mother. When she answered, he said: “Mom? This is Mark Bingham.” Have any of us, even in the most stressful situation, identified ourselves to our own mothers by giving our last name?

Our take...

Would Bingham have “used his last name in identifying himself to his mother” (Alice Hoglan)? There’s no need to speculate, because she’s already answered the question: yes. He did do this sometimes. Here’s what she said in “The Flight That Fought Back”, a Discovery Channel documentary:

Hoglan: I was staying with my brother Vaughan on the morning of September 11th, and, uh, the phone rang.

Bingham (reconstruction): Mom... Mom, this is Mark Bingham.

Hoglan: Once in a while he would say that. He would call up, and he was, he was a young businessman, and used to, used to introduce himself on phone as Mark Bingham, and he was trying to be, uh, strong, and level-headed, and, and strictly business. "Mom, this is Mark Bingham".

Download the clip here (XviD codec required).

No mystery here according to Binghams’s mother, then, who’s surely better placed to answer this question than anyone else. And now, if these phone calls were faked, it suggests the faker had to know Mark Bingham sometimes spoke that way: how likely is that?

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