Salem Al-Hamzi Still Alive
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The story...

Salem Al-Hamzi is still alive, according to media reports.

Our take...

Let's look at a couple of these reports.

Mr Al-Hamzi is 26 and had just returned to work at a petrochemical complex in the industrial eastern city of Yanbou after a holiday in Saudi Arabia when the hijackers struck. He was accused of hijacking the American Airlines Flight 77 that hit the Pentagon.

He said: "I have never been to the United States and have not been out of Saudi Arabia in the past two years." The FBI described him as 21 and said that his possible residences were Fort Lee or Wayne, both in New Jersey.

This Al-Hamzi is a different age to the named hijacker, and has never been to America, and doesn’t mention the allegations about his brother, Nawaf. Perhaps he doesn’t have a brother of that name?. Not exactly convincing proof that he’s the same person. 

Meanwhile other articles appear to suggest there was a hijacker, another person altogether, who had a brother Nawaf, and has gone missing.

Salem (Salim) AlHazmi: 21 from the holy city of Makka, younger brother of Nawaf. He left with his brother Nawaf March 2000 to Afghanistan. He was on American Airlines #77 that crashed into the Pentagon.

Here the Saudi Information Agency talk about the hijacker as a younger man than the one who is still alive, with a brother Nawaf, who had left the country “in the past two years”. But what about his family?

THE father of two young Saudi men suspected of involvement in the hijack of one of the aeroplanes that attacked World Trade Center in New York doubted his sons' involvement in the attack. He said the pictures of the two published by American security agencies were fake and do not even resemble his sons.

Muhammad Salim Al-Hazmi, father of the two suspects, Nawaf and Salim Muhammad Al-Hazmi, said that the published photos may be doctored or faked somehow...

Al-Hazmi continued, "As a father, I have a feeling that the two of them are still alive and unhurt, and will come back home in the near future when the truth is uncovered and the real culprits are found."

The main concern here appears to be the photos, but the odd thing is that the FBI didn’t release their full photo list until a few days after this report ( ). So what is Muhammad Salim Al-Hazmi commenting on? Were some of the images released earlier, and the FBI list on the 27th was just an official release of the complete set? Or did he see images that were obtained by the media, possibly in error, as happened with the case of Said al-Ghamdi?

We don’t know the answer to that, however what’s more relevant to this claim is that both of these reports appeared at more or less the same time. If the first Al-Hamzi is still alive, then why is his father talking as though both his sons are missing? And not pointing out that they (or at least one of them) have never been to the US? The simplest explanation, as previously, is that the two reports refer to different people, and there’s certainly no real proof that the individual alleged to be the hijacker is still alive.

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