Unclaimed Millions
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The story...

$2.5 million went unclaimed on the UAL put options, suggesting they were scared about being caught.

Usually, if someone has a windfall like that, you take the money and run. Whoever did this thought the Exchange [NYSE] would not be closed for four days. This smells real bad."

Our take...

This interpretation of the "unclaimed cash" story makes no sense to us.

If you've bought the puts in the first place, for instance, then you can presumably already be traced. In fact that's many have demanded investigations into this, because they knew it would be possible to identify the buyer. So what's to be gained by not collecting the money?

Also, the common suggestion here is that it was insider trading by someone within the Government, who had knowledge of the conspiracy. But if that were true, and they knew they could have the protection of their fellow conspirators, then why not just pick up the money? After all, we're told that the SEC and 9/11 Commission didn't investigate this properly, and if that's as a result of conspirators actions then they were never in any danger.

Now let's take an alternative approach. What if you were an ordinary investor who had bought UAL puts innocently, with no knowledge of the attacks? How would you feel about making millions in profit from the deaths of thousands of people? Is it possible that you might feel very bad about this, guilty perhaps, and not exactly rush to claim your "winnings" at the first available moment?

It's all a matter of opinion, of course, but we think our interpretation makes more sense than the conspiratorial one, and doesn't raise nearly as many questions. But whether you disagree or not, this particular claim involves too many assumptions about motives to qualify as clear evidence of anything.

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