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Eddie Shalev was a flight instructor at Congressional Air Charters, Gaithersburg, MD, in 2001. He accompanied Hani Hanjour in August 2001 on a training flight to evaluate Hanjour's flying abilities, and told the 9/11 Commission that, based on his observations, Hanjor was a "good" pilot.

9-11 Commission Report

Shalev made a brief appearance in the 9-11 Commission Report:

9-11 Commission MFR

In 2009 NARA released the MFR of Shalev's interview with the 9/11 Commission.

Experienced researchers

Shalev's experiences with Hanjour pose a problem to those who want to claim Hanjour couldn't possibly have flown Flight 77 into the Pentagon, and as a result they try to make his testimony appear as mysterious as possible.

David Ray Griffin tells us:

Dr Griffin doesn't tell us what he believes this failure by "experienced researchers" means, however we'd hazard a guess that some people will wonder if Shalev exists at all. So it's worth noting that an Intelius.com search of public records on 16th February 2009 does show an Eddy (rather than Eddie) Guigui Shalev living in Gaithersburg:


We also found a profile, presumably of the same man, at an online index of flying instructors:


Are these old records, discovered by the "experienced researchers", but ones that didn't leave them to Shalev? Perhaps. Shalev's MFR above with the 9-11 Commission shows that he may have had to return to Israel if he couldn't find another job in the US, so he may now have left the country. In any event, we can say that there is evidence beyond that of the 9/11 Commission placing a flight instructor called Eddy Shalev in the Gaithersburg area, and we've yet to see any reason to disbelieve his experiences with Hanjour.

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