FBI hides 84 Pentagon videos

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Back in 2003 9/11 researchers would often demand the release of videos showing what happened to the Pentagon. "Why aren't they available", they would ask: "surely that would clear everything up? What do they have to hide?"

The Pentagon security camera footage was then released at the Moussaoui trial, but of course cleared up nothing at all. The Citgo and Doubletree footage followed, but didn't show the impact site. End of the story? No, because some people have claimed there are far more videos that are still being suppressed:

As usual, however, these claims aren't entirely as they seem.

The Maguire Declaration

The 84/ 85 figure for videos came about as the result of a FOIA request for videos showing the Pentagon impact. FBI Special Agent Jacqueline Maguire responded with the following point:

The FBI are talking about 85 videos, but this is just the result of an initial search that includes (for example) all videos obtained by the Washington Field Office. If we move on from that then the numbers begin to fall dramatically.

56 "of these videotapes did not show either the Pentagon building, the Pentagon crash site, or the impact of Flight 77 into the Pentagon on September 11."

Of the remaining 29 videotapes, 16 "did not show the Pentagon crash site and did not show the impact of Flight 77 into the Pentagon."

Of the 13 remaining tapes, 12 "only showed the Pentagon after the impact of Flight 77."

Only one tape showed the Pentagon impact: the Pentagon's own security camera footage, that would later be released.

The videos in detail

Flight77.info provided more information about what the videos actually show.

Maguire Declaration source documents

Here's the Maguire Declaration as it appeared on flight77.info.

Video list source documents

Here's the FBI video list as it appeared on flight77.info.