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Those who believe that there were hijackers on board the 9/11 planes point, amongst other things, to DNA identification of remains as evidence.

However, others raise questions over this. One comes from Shaler's reported belief that they were "in the back of the planes", although that appears to be just a guess. The more serious issue is how, exactly, could the FBI have obtained the terrorist's DNA? A site attempting to debunk the BBC Conspiracy Files program on 9/11 raises the point:

And in a famous radio exchange with Popular Mechanic's Davin Coburn, host Charles Goyette wondered how there could be any "original DNA" in the hands of the authorities:

It doesn't exactly take much research to discover the answer, though. In fact, as we write, Googling for the kewords "hijackers", "identified" and "dna" provides the details in the very first link.

There doesn't have to be anything suspicious in how the DNA samples were obtained, then. And interestingly, there may have been identifications beyond the WTC. CBS reported in 2002 that nine sets of remains had been identified at the Flights 77 and 93 crash scenes, through a process of elimination:

We've found no information on whether these were subsequently matched to the profiles obtained by the FBI, (that may be a productive area for Freedom of Information Act requests), however this is at least evidence of people beyond the other passengers being on the planes. And other data on the DNA profiles was revealed by a later report:

The FBI told us that brothers Nawaf and Salem al-Hazmi were on board Flight 77. Testing reveals two of the DNA profiles appear to be taken from brothers.

Further tests were carried out to try and reveal the population the profile came from, and the following conclusions were reached:

In other words, the testing method may not be accurate, and your DNA is obviously affected by your family history. Having an Arabic or European ancestor might result in your DNA falling in one of those groups, even if you were born somewhere else entirely. (Read the report for more on this, including one possible example of a Flight 93 profile that was a closer match to the European Caucasian database, then Near Eastern.)

Still, despite the reservations, this is a little more evidence supporting the case that the hijackers were on board, and generally matched the (9 Arabs, including two brothers) FBI identifications.

See also the Newsweek article: Remains of the Day.