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At 8:46 on 9/11, a passenger jet crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Centre. By 9:16 AM American Airlines had contacted the FAA to inform them that they believed this was Flight 11 (source). However, moments later the Boston military liaison, Colin Scoggins, would hear what he believed was a report saying that Flight 11 was still in the air. He called NEADS at 9:21, and the audio is available on the NORAD Tapes:

<mp3>NoradScogginsFlight11a.mp3|download</mp3>- NORAD - Flight 11 still in the air, 9:21

Why did Scoggins believe this? The Vanity Fair article, "The NORAD Tapes", explained here:

The "phantom Flight 11" story has been used to support the idea of "false blips" on FAA radar, that somehow controllers were looking at a radar signal that wasn't reflecting anything real. The Vanity Fair piece seems to be saying this was wrong, Flight 11 was never picked up on radar after it was lost near Manhattan, however we wanted to clarify this and so asked Scoggins about the incident ourselves:

The "phantom Flight 11" report did not arise from a radar track anyone had spotted, then - it was a mixup in communications. But as the 9/11 Commission reported, it was taken seriously, and NORAD launched fighters as a result: