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9/11 Commission interview summaries


  • MCC-T Log is an essential timeline of 9/11 events


We agree with very little that the Loose Change creators have to say, but they do at least deserve praise for both securing the release of the full NORAD 9/11 tapes, and making them public immediately. These files reveal the actions and reactions of NORAD staff to the events of 9/11, as they happened. The audio is available elsewhere in torrent form, or you can download the individual files here (each ZIP archive contains a single WAV format audio file).

In April 2008 Government Attic received an FOIA release containing three further MP3 recordings:, and We've added them here for completeness, but you really should go and see what else they have to offer.

Channel Audio (ZIP file) Transcript
Channel 2 MCC Op (121 MB) (9/11 Commission) - (Other)
Channel 3 MCC TK (121 MB) (9/11 Commission)
Channel 3 WD1-3 TK (9/11 Commission)
Channel 4 ID Op (117 MB) (9/11 Commission) - (Other)
Channel 5 ID TK (153 MB) (9/11 Commission)
Channel 7 ID2 OP (84 MB) (9/11 Commission)
Channel 8 ID2 TK (114 MB)
Channel 9 TT Op (42 MB)
Channel 10 TT TK (71 MB)
Channel 11 ACWO OP (42 MB) (9/11 Commission
Channel 12 ACWO TK (52 MB)
Channel 13 TT OP (42 MB) (9/11 Commission
Channel 14 TT TK (57 MB) (9/11 Commission)
Channel 15 AST OP (101 MB) (9/11 Commission)
Channel 16 AST TK (50 MB)
Channel 17 TT OP (100 MB) (9/11 Commission
Channel 18 TT TK (50 MB) (9/11 Commission
Channel 19 SD2 OP (75 MB) (9/11 Commission)
Channel 20 SD2 TK (126 MB) (9/11 Commission)
Channel 21 TT OP (116 MB) (9/11 Commission)
Channel 24 AICC (19 MB) (9/11 Commission)
Channel 24 Emerg AICC DRM3_DAT2_Channel_24 (70 MB)

The abbreviations:

ACWO: Aircraft Control and Warning Officer
AICC: Air Interceptor Communications Common
AST: Air Surveillance Technician
ID: ID Technician
MCC: Mission Crew Commander
SD: Senior Director
TT: Tracking Technician

Guide to who's on which channel:


Hijacking Procedures


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