Dr Alison Geyh
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Was there really molten steel at the WTC? Those who say “yes” point to a list of quotes from people using the phrase, including Dr Alison Geyh:

Professor Allison Geyh (2001) of Johns Hopkins, who was part of a team of public health investigators who visited the site shortly after 9/11, wrote: "In some pockets now being uncovered they are finding molten steel".

But are quotes like this really separate confirmation? Or are these individuals simply repeating stories about “molten steel” that they’ve heard elsewhere? We asked Dr Geyh about the quote, and a very clear reply arrived:

I personally saw open fires, glowing and twisted I-beams. I was told, but do not remember by whom, that the workers were finding molten steel.

Could it be this is nothing more than a retelling of the information already provided by Peter Tully (see here), perhaps because Geyh talked to the same contractors? Whatever the truth of that, this is clearly a second-hand (at least) account, and not independent confirmation of molten steel at Ground Zero.

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