The 9/11 Calls Weren't Real
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The story...

Reports of cellphone calls from the allegedly hijacked airplanes on 9/11 were crucial in 'selling' the official version of events.

These calls dramatized the horror of 9/11 for the worldwide audience and appeared to prove conclusively that the four 'planes were, in fact, hijacked by terrorists.

However, such phone calls are most implausible on technical and scientific grounds - suggesting the cell phone calls were faked.

Are claims of 9/11 cellphone calls the official story's 'Achilles Heel'?

Our take...

On 9/11 relatives reported receiving many calls from passengers on Flights 11, 77, 93 and 175, passing on some details of the hijackings and those involved. Others question whether these calls were as they seemed, though, providing a variety of points as support.

The most commonly raised issue is the idea that it would be impossible, or at least very unlikely, for mobile calls to be made at altitude, and at first glance a study by AK Dewdney seems to support this. Trouble is, Dewdney’s analysis seems fundamentally flawed, most calls were made from airfones (seatback phones that would work in flight) and plenty of people say making cellphone calls at altitude is possible, after all. More here.

If the calls weren’t made by the passengers, then presumably they must have been faked by others. But how plausible is that? Here are a few thoughts.

The content of some calls has raised questions, in particular that of Mark Bingham. Would he really have introduced himself to his mother by saying “Mom, this is Mark Bingham”? Let’s see what his mother says.

And there are more questions raised about the calls of Barbara Olson, from Flight 77. What can we read from those?

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