WTC7 Fire Videos

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As a YouTube playlist:

Or individually:
Clips from Steve Spak's Day of Disaster DVD.
Clip 1: Upper floors
Clip 2: Heavy Smoke
Clip 3: Window breaks
Clip 4: "pulled everybody out"
Clip 5: Smoke
Clip 6: Damage revealed?
Clip 7: Considerable smoke
Clip 8: Damage?
Clip 9: Opposite side
Clip 10: Office fire
Clip 11: Window breaks


WTC Fires NBC 1 Still.jpg

  • This NBC video shows fires burning on three lower floors of WTC7. Some rows of broken windows suggest these were fierce in places. The reporter also says Port Authority officials are concerned about the stability of the building. The footage was broadcast at around 4:50 on 9/11. It can be verified by viewing the NBC stream at