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Further debunking of the 9/11 TV Fakery 'nose out' claim
Edmund Standing

According to a theory espoused in 'September Clues', and other videos advocating 9/11 TV Fakery/No-Planes Theory, a piece of live news footage showing United Airlines Flight 175 hitting the South Tower shows the plane apparently entering the building and then exiting unscathed the other side, shortly before a 'fade to black'. It is argued therefore that, as a plane could not possibly have entered the building and emerged undamaged, the plane that is shown is in fact a CGI image, overlayed in real time onto footage of the Twin Towers, and that the 'plane' is shown apparently emerging from the building because of a timing error on the part of the TV Fakery team.

This issue has been addressed both in a debunking video made by a UK 'truther' and in the recent Hardfire debate between Ace Baker and Steve Wright. However, I would like to add my own contribution to debunking this spurious claim.

It is very simple to demonstrate the utter falsity of the 'nose out' CGI plane claim by simply examining a few stills from the footage. It is quite clear from the following images that the supposed 'plane nose' is really nothing of the sort.

If this was a CGI plane image accidentally emerging, as opposed to debris, we would expect the shape of the plane's nose to remain constant, not to change. Yet, when we look at these stills from the news footage, it is clear that this is not the case:

Still #1: Cigar shape appears:

Still #2: Elongated 'nose' appears:

Still #3: 'Nose' changes shape completely, now appearing shorter and more 'stubby':

Still #4: 'Nose' changes shape again, the end becoming rounded and 'ball-like':

Still #5: 'Nose' changes shape yet again, the end stretching and becoming more elongated, and now appearing to change trajectory and move upwards:

When 3 of the stills are placed together, it is manifestly clear that this is not one seamless animation of a plane nose:

And finally, when the stills are turned into an animation, we can witness the shape changes in action:

In conclusion, these images demonstrate that what is seen exiting the South Tower is not a CGI plane, but is quite clearly debris being expelled from the building, followed by a huge explosion.

The author

Edmund Standing holds an MA in Critical & Cultural Theory, and lives in England. He is dedicated to rationalism and genuinely critical thinking and is the author of a number of articles at, including 'The Pseudo-Science of the "9/11 Truth" Movement'. He also maintains an occasional blog exposing the misinformation promoted by the conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.