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In September 2001 and during certain other periods earlier in the year, United Airlines Flight 93 provided daily, nonstop service from Newark (Liberty) International Airport in New Jersey to San Francisco International Airport. The aircraft was a Boeing 757. Tail number N591UA. On September 11, passengers aboard the 8:00 am flight would include Ziad Jarrah, Saeed al-Ghamdi, Ahmed al-Haznawi and Ahmed al-Nami, who would later be named as suspected hijackers.





Ziad Jarrah's "bomb on board" transmission from Flight 93

Former friend Paul Deakin says he recognises Jarrah's voice

Flight Explorer flight path

Moussaoui trial exhibits


Phone calls


Smithsonian Institute Flight 93 Exhibition

Miscellaneous low resolution shots

The article linked to some of these shots:

EPA Presentation


<mp3>Ua93 mayday1.mp3|download</mp3>- Mayday #1 (distressing: caution advised)
<mp3>Ua93 mayday2.mp3|download</mp3>- Mayday #2 (distressing: caution advised)
<mp3>UA93 ATC.mp3|download</mp3>- Air Traffic Control try to contact Flight 93
<mp3>Ziad Jarrah Bomb on Board.mp3|download</mp3>- Ziad Jarrah says there's a "bomb on board"
<mp3>CeeCee Lyles Message.mp3|download</mp3>- Flight attendant CeeCee Lyles leaves a message about the hijacking


Further information was revealed at the Moussaoui trial.

The NTSB have released the following Flight 93-related documents.

9/11 Commission interview summaries.

Other documents:

Environmental concerns


Full official Flight 93 timeline