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12th June 2013

Added the leaked Pakistani Abbottabad Commission report into bin Laden's killing.

7th April 2012

Apologies if it's inconvenient, but I've turned off hotlinking for several file types (it was just getting abused too much).

I can selectively turn it back on again for particular domains, though, so if this is a major problem for you & you think there's good reason for me to relent in your particular case then you can always email me - mike@911myths.com - to explain, and if I agree then I'll renable it for your site.

24th February 2012

The Pentagon's pre-9/11 exercises regarding plane crashes are still occasionally mentioned as suspicious, despite the building's close proximity to a major airport, so I was interested to read this in an interview with John Jester, chief of the Pentagon's Defence Protective Service:

Not that it'll make any difference, of course... But I've added it to the relevant pages anyway.